Kitchen Organizers That Make Mealtime A Cinch

Buy up cold cuts, sliced cheese, your favorite sandwich vegetables and submarine rolls. Put out the ingredients along with condiments and let your family make their own subs.

An antique corner hutch. Four generous shelves store everything from extra sets of dishes and trivets to a collection of antique tea pots and Victorian punch bowls. The bowls are great for punch, but we serve big salads in them, too.

Do some meal prep recipes early in the morning or the night before. If you’re home with the kids, you can take 15-20 mins to chop up some ingredients earlier in the day. Use nap times, or while the children are occupied with supervised activities. Kids can do a fun activity at the kitchen table while mom cooks. Then at 5 p.m., half the work will be done!

Although the list of places you can find hidden sodium is huge, you don’t have to give up your favorite snacks. There are low sodium chips, crackers, and popcorn. You just have to look a little harder.

When it comes to Father’s Day you probably think of stores such as Best Buy and Circuit City as the best places to buy Dad a gift. What about Mom? This Mother’s day give your Mom a gift card for Best buy or Circuit City which she can use to purchase all of her high tech wants and needs. I know I would love a gift card to either store this Mother’s Day to buy an IPod or software for my computer.

If you’re like me and find it nearly impossible to make a healthy, tasty dinner on a work night, check out Dinner by Design. If there isn’t a location near you, I noticed Dinner by Design is not the only meal prep business in the Chicago area. There is also Dream Dinners with locations in Naperville and Chicago, and Simply Homemade in Naperville, Crystal Lake, Mendota and Schaumburg.

Strangely enough, many folks believe that since I’m home all day, just playing with kids and checking my email (yeah right,) meals should be a total breeze. Heck, to hear them tell it I should be preparing gourmet meals everyday with a smile on my face while sporting a pearl necklace and high heels. Again I say, ‘what?’ Hello, twenty-first century here people. If we’re working at home these days, most likely you’re finding us not only minding our young children, but simultaneously running successful home businesses. Without some effective meal planning, we’d still be keeping the pizza delivery guy running in style.

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